Racinglines fuel system parts

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I decided to use Racinglines fuel system parts and hoses on the Hakosuka GC10. Harry had ordered an oil cooler kit from them for his AE86 and I thought the quality looked great. My logic was also that if I was going to be using Branded parts on the car, I would rather buy everything from one supplier rather than having ‘mix n match’ parts everywhere. They do some superb products and I particularly liked their swirl pots with integrated fuel pump. Also their black finish and black braided lines suit the build so the choice was pretty easy. I also like the fact they are a British company and it turns out Mark bought the Sunny pick up from the companies owner a few years ago……small world.

At this stage I am only just mocking up the parts in the vehicle, but as soon as I have it all installed I will post up some more details and pictures.

I would recommend anyone, who is after top quality fuel system parts and hoses etc, to give them a call. They are a great bunch of guys and customer service and the products are excellent.

Bosch motorsport fuel pump, Racinglines 100 micron filter, Racinglines swirl pot, Racinglines fuel pressure regulator.

racinglines fuel system parts

All Racinglines products have a beautiful, deep black, anodised finish.

Properly sealed MIL Spec connectors….

….and Raychem DR-25 wire, heat shrink and boots.