Hewland IGTC bell housing

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I finally got the machining done on the the bell housing to attach the Hewland IGTC six speed sequential gearbox to my Datsun spirit L30 engine. It has been pretty much a year since i initially started designing the bell housing, it is so satisfying to finally be able to bolt it all up, check the fitment and see how it looks assembled. There is always that nagging doubt that you have missed some detail or messed up the drawing and it doesn’t matter how many times you check the drawing there is always a slight sense of relief when it all bolts up perfectly. 

I am really pleased with the way it came out, I think going for a cast bell housing was definitely the right choice as it looks correct with the engine and cast gearbox casings. The gearbox is now off for a check over and re build, it probably doesn’t need it but its nice to start fresh and know things are right. There are a few final jobs to do, I need to mount the hydraulic clutch cylinder and I also need to measure up and order the custom input shaft from Hewland engineering. Apart from that it should be good to go and hopefully another part ticked off of the monstrous ‘to do’ list.