Datsun sunny pickup


You don’t need to be a child of the 70’s/80’s to see that these little Datsun pickup trucks are painfully cool……but if a beige paint job and a brown vinyl interior makes you feel nostalgic then it wouldn’t take much to guess your age!

Mark bought this little gem a few months ago and our intention was to do something silly with it (CA18, SR20 etc.) There is just one problem……its soooo good standard, sure it isn’t fast and a buzzer goes off when you hit 60mph but it kind of reminds you of what driving is all about, it just makes you smile and it puts a smile on the face of anyone who sees it. When we collected it I had a 2 hour drive home ahead of me and i would never of guessed how much I would love this car by the end of it. I am probably tempting fate here but everything just works. The engine is just a standard 1200cc petrol A12 that is so sweet you wouldn’t believe it. The way it is geared means it’s plenty nippy enough, in fact surprisingly so. Although that shows what is achievable with small engines in something that weighs well under 700kg. The interior is basic and seriously cramped but that will be solved with some different seats as the current ones are far too large for the space.

Our intention is still to modify it but just leave as much of its original charm as possible. We are planning to re do the interior with a bench style seat and re trim the dash and door cards etc. Slightly lower the suspension and find some cool wheels and maybe the mandatory japanese style fender flares. The engine may get a small turbo, just for the fun of it and maybe something more lively in the future. It is already proving useful to have around the workshop as a run around so maybe we won’t go too crazy on this one……