Welcome to Autonomy-uk!

We are a group of designers, engineers, fabricators and artists with a shared love of all things automotive.

This site is mostly dedicated to our own personal projects and daily drivers. But will often feature some interesting work projects we are working on.

Our main obsession is with Japanese cars from the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s but it doesn’t stop there.

Sometimes I joke that I wish I had no interest at all in cars, motorbikes etc… and wonder how simple life would be with no dreams of Z432’s, NSX Type R’s and Hakosuka GTR’s….or all of those rare, near impossible to find parts which seem to exist for all of the classic Japanese cars. ┬áBecause from an outside point of view I can see how it all seems like madness…..surely they are just cars?

Unfortunately those who don’t understand it, never will. I guess that is why we gravitate to likeminded people….people who, if you asked them “should I buy this old datsun”, wouldn’t give you the rational answer of “do you really need it….how much is it…..where will you keep it” etc… they would be telling you what rare race parts you could buy for it and how awesome it will look when it’s finished! Those are the people this Blog is for.

All of the cars currently featured on here are our own projects, so as much as we would love to be working on them all the time it’s not always possible. And some things just can’t be rushed! However we will update as often as possible with any of the work that is going on with the cars and anything else that seems relevant.